Figure of eight dog lead

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Figure of eight dog lead helps to stop your dog from pulling

First lasso the dog twist the loop into a figure of 8 with the crossed section under the chin fashion the free loop over the muzzle pull the harness shut, making sure the harness ring is under the ears and at the back of the head to the knap of the neck. Next pull down the stopper. Make sure the harness has a small amount of slack

Let the dog have the full length of its lead whenever the dog pulls it tightens the lead.  The dog stops pulling. There is no pain involved the dog feels your control   when it stops pulling, give it a reward [try to avoid snacks].

The lead will not work if it the lead is to short or if it is too tight, or if it is used as a restraint

Made of heat treated nylon with strong meal fittings length 70 inches = 1.75m x 16mm wide

For very large dogs contact us to see if you need a longer lead

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