wire framed hammocks

wire framed hammocks
Bettysbeds wire framed hammocks have been designed so as to be easily removed from the frame. Spare covers can be ordered, just contact us for details

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Chinchila step 5.5x5.5

Product no.: 72

£4.50 *

wire framed hammock 9.6

Product no.: 73

£6.75 *

wire framed hammock 11x8

Product no.: 74

£7.50 *

New wire framed pocket hammock 9x6

Product no.: 75

£7.75 *

New wire framed hanging box hammock 9x6

Product no.: 76

£11.25 *

New Chinchilla wire framed box hammock

Product no.: 2027

£14.50 *
Old price £14.50
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