value hammocks

value hammocks

value hammocks
Ideal for use with persistent chewers, Value hammocks are made of the same quality materials as our other items. Constructed of two layers of fabric with stretched binding tape to give a hollowed hammock shape

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pk of two Cool hammocks 15x11

Product no.: 10

£5.50 *

pk of 4 rectangle hammocks 13x11

Product no.: 11

£8.50 *

pkt of four L hammocks 15x11

Product no.: 15

£8.70 *

pkt of 4 LX hammocks 17x15

Product no.: 16

£9.15 *

pkt of 2 XXL rectangle hammocks 20x14

Product no.: 14

£8.15 *

Pkt of two single pocket hammocks 14x11

Product no.: 77

£11.50 *

value hammocks 14x13

Product no.: 13

£8.85 *
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